Few experiences are more magical than touring the mangroves of Palmares – one of the jewels of the peninsula. Venture into this natural sanctuary, and explore a unique ecosystem of eerie “walking trees” able to survive (and thrive) in salty fresh water, creating a rich refuge for wildlife. Take a relaxing paddle through the mangroves in an outrigger canoe or, for a more strenuous workout hop on one of our water bikes.


What We Love

The chance to take a floating safari within a fascinating ecosystem

What to Bring

Sun protection, hat, water shoes, sunglasses with a strap, water bottle

Explore Your Way

This tour can be taken on either a Water Bike or Outrigger Canoe

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Shared $120 + tax
  • Private $720 + tax (up to 5)
    $120 + tax per each additional
  • Height 5 ft (Water Bikes)
  • Age 5 and up (Outrigger Canoes)



    While making up just one third of a percent of the Earth's landmass, Costa Rica contains 4-5% of species estimated to exist on the planet.