Aptly called the “rainforest of the sea”, coral reefs cover just 1% of the ocean floor – but support an incredible 25% of all marine life. Join our remarkable restoration project, co-created with Four Seasons Costa Rica and help bring back the lost coral reefs.

Adopt a coral tree and help attach colorful fragments to your very own coral frame. A divemaster will then place your coral tree in its home for the next 12 months – Bahia Culebra. Your adopted coral frame will be provided with monthly maintenance and monitoring until big enough to be out planted at a reef where it can thrive on its own.


What We Love

40% of the activity cost being directly allocated to coral restoration initiatives

What to Bring

Bathing suit, change of clothes and sun protection

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Private $1,400 + tax (up to 4);
    $300 + tax each additional
  • Age 5 and up



    While making up just one third of a percent of the Earth's landmass, Costa Rica contains 4-5% of species estimated to exist on the planet.